Tuesday, August 4, 2015

R5 - Sometime Last Night

Maybe you remember that the kids surprised Bagel with tickets to this concert for her birthday!  The concert finally happened.  I love they they "debriefed" me on all the sightings, songs, and even hugs for an hour after arriving home late that night.
This gorgeous group of young women and their awesome brother Jumba headed out in the early afternoon.
They hung to in hopes of meeting the group.  I think my kiddos like this band so much because they are family and talk about their siblings with such kindness.  I think my kiddos can relate to that idea of being together on this fun adventure.  The group is four siblings with one more best friend, they all have a first name that starts with an R.
So these guys had great seats very close to the stage.
This half of the kiddos, not so much in the great seat category.  It didn't matter everyone enjoyed the music and had a blast.  

From what I hear, everyone had a blast!  Good music, good fun and time together.
Sugar posted this on Facebook saying,
"R5 did An AMAZING JOB TONIGHT!!!!! The only thing that could have made it better is if Bagel got to hug all of them:( ohh wait she did!!!!;) ‪#‎R5‬ ‪#‎tiemeyer‬‪#‎bestdayever‬ ‪#‎weloveR5‬ @R5"

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