Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Golf Cart Are Fun Until Someone Gets A Ticket

Our next door neighbor can no longer enjoy a full game of golf before he gets too tired and feels week.  He ended his gold membership and decided to sell us his golf cart.
To be honest, I am unsure of the purpose of a golf cart for a family that doesn't gold.  The kids were super psyched.  They know that it will come in handy on Halloween!  (It would be cheaper to buy buttloads of candy - oh well) 

In true T Family fashion the kids spent days taking it our for joy rides.  Everyone got to ride and enjoy the new toy.

The whole time we debated if this was legal.

Yep, everyone had lots and lots of fun . . . until this afternoon.  I look over and Adorable is putting her shoes and socks on by herself while Beautiful is sleeping.  When I asked her where she was going she said, "Oh just for a ride."  She went to the front door, looked out and then said, "Oh O!" 

Poor kids were given the waring right in front of our house.  So now we know, we aren't street legal.

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