Friday, August 7, 2015

Does Bear Like His Truck?

This is an evolving question.  After returning from St. Louis we took Bear's truck into have the numerous repairs made to it so it could be all that Bear needed it to be.  It took much longer and cost way more than we suspected.  The second day it was returned to us we had to have it towed.  So let's just day the jury is still out.  I think if we can get it running the right way, he will love it.

Everyone wanted to go for a quick ride and Bear loved showing off his "new" ride.  He had it cleaned and tried to act real cool as he showed it off.  I thought it was all good until he called and said that the truck stopped working.  Poor Bear.
After we had the truck towed no one could find anything wrong with it.  He started driving it again with no problems.  Let's hope that continues.

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