Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Rest Of The Birthday Celebration!

We waited one day to really celebrate because some of the big kids could not be there on the actual birthday.  While some of us were at our last day of co-op Sugar and Possible took Twin Adorable and Twin Beautiful to Build-A-Bear.

 They had a blast and made two very cute Bears.  Adorable made a pink Bear and named her PINK and Beautiful made a purple Bear and named her PURPLE.  Sugar was so generous taking them to do this.

We are so blessed to have such fun friends.  We met after co-op at Chick Fil A and had some birthday fun.  Twin Beautiful's God Mother was one of the party attendees.  

Twin Adorable

A favorite gift that was given was a crown and wand, thank you Cecelia. One was purple and one was pink.  How perfect was that.
Twin Beautiful

Twin Beautiful

Adorable - Beautiful



Lets be honest all the kids loved playing with the crowns and wands.

Adorable = Pink and Beautiful = Purple

Look at all those friends and siblings there to celebrate our little 3 year olds.

Adorable - Beautiful

Another gift, wow their friends are so generous.
Adorable - Beautiful

Mrs. W (the God Mother) - Twin Beautiful - mom

We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends that were willing to take time out of their days to sing with us and celebrate!  After such a full morning the kids all came home, cleaned up a little and rested until the next wave of celebrations started when Pooker and Goobers showed up to help us eat pizza.  The T family came as well.

All the Princess talk earlier sparked an idea in Kat.  She dressed up like a fairy God-Mother before coming to the party.  Her God-Daughter Adorable wasn't too sure how to handle things but it was an awesome little gift.

All those parties wore everyone out, kids were crashing everywhere.  I love having a big family.  Happy Birthday TwinAdorable and Twin Beautiful!

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