Wednesday, May 20, 2015

STAOP Is Proud Of Bear

St. Anthony of Padua is VERY PROUD of Duncan T! Amen? AMEN!
Everyone is invited to the MCRTL meeting this Thursday at 7pm. Learn how to minister to children in foster care, from one time events to the full commitment of foster parenting or adoption. Introducing MCRTL's Newest Dr. Joseph Graham Pro-life Scholars
So that was all part of an email that went through the parish pro-life groups, then various friends forwarded to me.  I am so proud of this guy!
MCRTL is thrilled to announce that we will be sponsoring not 1 but 2 new Dr. Joseph Graham Pro-life Scholars this fall:  Nicole C will be a voice for life at Lone Star College - Tomball and Duncan T (BEAR) will join Christian R and Rachael S at Lone Star College - Montgomery in The Woodlands.  MCRTL will now have 4 scholars on 2 campuses of the Lone Star College system!

"Thank you to MCRTL for this amazing opportunity!  Fighting for life has always been and always will be a passion of mine. I can now do that a lot easier thanks to this scholarship! Thanks, and Go with God!"   Bear

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