Saturday, May 23, 2015

Otters Vs Sharks Round One

The camera and mom did not get to the meet until after the kids swam.  By the time the twins and I arrived the meet was in rain and thunder delays.  So we got there just in time to hurry up and wait.

Twin Adorable




 Don't pout dad, we will swim soon - or later in the week.
Adorable loves her daddy.


 Well that love goes both ways.
Coach Bear with someone's cute baby girl.


Twin Beautiful

 This meet was going no where fast.  We had nothing but lightning and rain.  Adorable on dad and mom tried to sleep while dad listened to music and Beautiful played with mom's phone.
Bear and Sugar

Friend from the other team.

Another cute one of Twin Adorable

 You can't see it but it is still raining.

Packing up when the meet is only half over and the rain is still falling is a depressing task.   .   .  .Till Wednesday then.

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