Thursday, October 16, 2014

I Love Apples and Apple Picking!

Bagel has always loved apples.  She would eat several a day if we had them around the house.  We have tried on another occasion to get her far enough north in the early fall so that she could pick apples.  When we realized that we would make it to St. Louis in time to visit Eckert's this year we had to plan a visit. We invited Miss Brenda to join all the Houston friends to pick apples.

Mrs.G with her kiddos, Mrs. W and C, Miss Brenda her mom and a few nieces with the T family.  We were ready for our apple adventure.
The tractor ride out to the trees was almost as exciting as the picking.

 The weather was beautiful!

I was surprised at the dwarf sized trees.  They did make the picking easy.  There were apples everywhere.  They were safe to eat right off the tree and they were delicious.  I had forgotten how yummy a tree ripened apple is freshly picked. 

This girl was in apple heaven!

It is so exciting to see where your food comes from.

It was great fun to be able to spend such a beautiful day with so many beautiful friends.  Don't worry be brought home several bags of apples to share with the rest of the family back home.

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