Wednesday, October 15, 2014

STL Here We Come

Our venture to St. Louis began very early in the morning.  With the help of all the other kiddos and J we were able to get out the door around 4 in the morning.
We headed to the W family home where C and Mrs. W were waiting for us to head out.
It was an early start  but we were pumped.
A road trip with friends is always so much fun.
 The Oklahoma rest stop was educational.
The Missouri rest stop has this cute man guarding the state / welcoming strangers in.
Julie and I were happy to have made it this far.  So much driving in one day can really get old.  The kids were being good and were having a blast.
 The girls were happy to have made it this far as well.
 This crazy girl loved her car reading material.
 Not even sure about this one.
 Because we were make good time we decided to swing out of our way into Lambert's Café. This is the home of the thrown rolls. 

 Everyone is so proud when they catch the roll.
Our last stop during the road trip was to get our refresher drinks from QT.  I just love the options available at QT.  St. Louis we are almost there!

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  1. "Making Memories" message from my Mama
    Love, Love love these pics! Love Love this Family. Thank you for a great trip! We had a lot of fun


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