Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cousins and Pumpkins

Uncle Jo-Fish and KeeKee were so excited that their nieces and nephew would be in town.  Both my brother and sister made it a point to wait up for us the night before but had to bail before we got in.  They were there early the next night to play.  Jo-Fish had seen this fun project on an evening talk show and just had to have the kids try it.  He brought over two pumpkins and bags full of rubber bands. 

In case you are wondering it took over 200 on each pumpkin to cut it in half.  The cut was even.

KeeKee made sure that we didn't waste the pumpkins either.  She made pumpkin pie mix that we could bring home and to bake into a pie.  I am so glad that my brother and sister welcome us so that we always have fun.  We also love seeing Jo-Fish's kiddos and Kee-Kee's kids. 

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