Friday, October 17, 2014

Adventures With Fr. Tom

Fr. Keller is not a blood uncle but the kids don't know that.  He is one of our favorite family members to visit in St. Louis.  As soon as he found out we were visiting he started planning an adventure/ one to rival that of the big kid adventures. 
Todays adventure would start with us meeting Fr. at his new parish for Mass.  There is nothing more exciting than being at a Mass celebrated by our favorite priest.  The adventure then led us to Grants Farm.
 I am loving all the leaves.  So very pretty.

 When we left St. Louis to move to Texas 12 plus years ago this young group was not around (Princess was 3 months old when we moved) and don't remember the regular St. Louis adventures.  Grants Farm was something that we always did with the kids, it didn't cost a lot and the kids loved it.  I was sick of it by the time we moved.  These guys had never been.  This was fun for them and I loved having them get so excited with something that I remember sharing with their older siblings.

 Fr. had won them over but the adventure was just beginning.

 Next we headed to the Old Cathedral but Mass was going on so we couldn't take any pictures.
 We checked out the arch but that wasn't our destination.
 Fr. had a real treat in mind for the kids, a real surprise.  This was something that none of us had ever done before.
 The construction along the riverfront made the adventure that much more exciting. 
What, he isn't taking them up on a helicopter is he!?!  What a blast.

 These guys sat and watched as the helicopter landed and tried to work up the courage to go.

 Fr. Keller and Jumba went on the first ride. 
 Jumba had a blast!
 I waited with Princess and Bagel, as we were the next ride.

 Then they watched us as we took off.  So much fun!!!!

 This was a different view of my beloved St. Louis.
 Princess sat with me in the back.
 Bagel had no fear in the front.

Another highlight of our day was that Fr. Keller had to get back to his parish in time to lead the school kids in Benediction. They also sang the adoration songs in Latin which we are memorizing for our co-op.  I love true adoration within Benediction.  I remember it so fondly from every Friday growing up.  Then the school kids sang and my kiddos sang right along with them. 

 After Fr. said good bye to the school kids and they were dismissed for the weekend we met his mom at Steak 'n Shake for a late but delicious lunch.
These kids were so spoiled.  Thank you for another fabulous adventure.

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