Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Favorite or Not so Favorite Life Guards

Summer is here and one of our favorite activities is going to the swim pool to cool off.  Now lately even the water is too hot.  We only try to go if we know there will be good guards on duty.  Not all of them are good.  Some will spend their time on the stand checking their phone, texting, ignoring the pool.  Others are great, they pay attention and interact.  I trust my older kiddos and I know when they are on duty I have nothing to fear when we head to the pool.  So we got our chores done and headed out to enjoy ourselves forgetting that Bear lets power go to his head.  Poor Possible was put into time out by her big brother for not listening.  He had every right to do it so I enforced the call but she was hopping mad.  Sugar was not so abusive with her power.  It is very important to respect the guards and we try to so I appreciate their motto of preventing an accident so they don't have to rescue anyone (but I am not sure that Possible feels the same way!).

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