Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Thunder / Swimming Invitational Meet

One of the few Invitational Meets that our summer league participates in is called Summer Thunder. It is a two day meet starting on Sunday and running through Monday.  It isn't the strictest of meets to get into so many people qualify.  I hear that our local league N.W.A.L. had a huge increase of swimmers this year and wasn't prepared for all the people.  I felt that at Summer Thunder.  There were people everywhere.  It was impossible to get in and out of the pool area to see the swimmers.  The local high school that was rented to support the event did not have a good lay out for the flow of that many people.  Ironically is poured on the first day outside.  The temperatures were very high but at least we got a little rain.  We all appreciated that the only rain we had seen in weeks came during our "Summer Thunder" swim event.  All that being said our swimmers did wonderfully.  I have a lot of pictures from these two days.  You might them boring but this is where I try to record our family history so it is important that I post them all.  The good news is that the Cudas won 1st place out of all the teams present.  Go Cudas.


Go Cudas!  I am so proud of each of you especially my swimmers.  Bear did qualify but decided not to swim.  The rest of them did very well. 

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