Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bubbles and Epi Pens


So the last dual meet of the season came.  It was to be a very, very, very hot and humid day.  J and I purchased lots of drinks for the day and some protein snacks in hopes that it would be a fast meet and we could rest at home before dehydration.  Little did we know at the time that the water would be so hot that there would be no "best times" today.  We did enjoy the time there as the people were very nice and the meet ended by 1:30 (that was a miracle considering one meet lasted until 3:30).  I kept the twins home until after the warm up and first few heats.  On the way to the meet I got a call that Sugar had another allergic reaction during her warm up swim.  She had used the Epi Pen on herself and that Dad was on the way to the ER with her.  Oh my goodness, here we go again.  Is it the water? Is the chemicals?  What is she so allergic to?  She returned (not allowed to swim after her ER visit and a trip to home to shower.) and cheered on the rest of us. 
At the end of all the swim team meets we have forged a great bond with a few of the other families.  This is one of my favorite parts of the swim team.  The neighborhood friends are made and that is what gets us through the good and bad times, our friends to share life with. 
We think this is an appropriate picture.  Instead of all the swimming shots this meet can be summed up with the ER shots.  The Cuda Team won handily!  Lots of Bubbles . . .The Cudas ended on a great note, now only is we could keep Sugar healthy.

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