Monday, June 17, 2013

Penthathlon - Father's Day - Bagel's Brithday

Today was supposed to be a day of many celebrations.  This was not any easy meet to get invited into.  For this meet you needed many skills in all strokes.  For this you had to reach a pretty fast time in each stroke plus the IM - which is all for swam together.  Bagel, Princess and Possible all timed well enough to receive the invite.  We knew that Bagel couldn't swim the Breast stoke without messing it up but she was still invited.  We headed into this event as a way to prove that she mastered that stroke and not to care about her overall placement.  The day was also going to celebrate Princess and her steady strokes and ability to do well in each one.  Possible had earned her way surprising everyone with great times in everything she swam . .  . Then the day came and it didn't go so well.  Instead of celebrating the best dad in the world for Father's day, instead of celebrating Bagel's 9th birthday and instead of watching all three of my fastest swimmers we had a house full of sickies.  It started with Possible and Dad was next.  The rest of us headed to the meet hoping that Dad and Possible would be better by the time we returned.

The day got worse at it went on.  By nightfall everyone (almost everyone) was ill.  The great news is that Bagel was able to swim the Breast Stroke two times in one day without DQing.  Yahoo.  WE were so proud of her and this ended up being a great way to celebrate her birthday.  Possible was so upset, as she had worked so hard to get here.  Princess also swam fantastically.  I didn't get sick later but the rest of them did, except Sugar.  Later that night she came down stairs holding her Epi Pen and asking to be taken to the ER again.  Off we went for another late night allergy adventure.  (Don't worry we do come back to Bagel's day later on!) 
In the end Sugar did not need the Epi or any more medications.  This was not an allergic reaction but maybe a reaction to the medicines or the lack of medicine.  Maybe this "reaction" was just  a breathing issue related being ill.  It was 3:30 am before we got home for our short night of sleep.  So far Sugar is OK but this is so scary.  Her allergic reactions have no cause?  This is crazy and it was one weekend that I was thrilled when it finally came to an end and I was able to close my eyes.  Happy birthday Bagel!  WE all love you and we are sorry that your day wasn't very good. 

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