Saturday, May 18, 2013

Eat Some Cuda Bubbles

The contest is on between the two big rival teams.  The fun part is that we are friends with many of these enemies. Over the years these two teams have developed a competitive spirit between the two groups.  The Cuda record is not that great with this team  We have lost to them many times in the dual meets.  A few times we have come back to defeat them at divisionals.  That being said things are not ugly they are just fun. 
The new design for the shirts this year was super cute but nothing small enough for the babies.  I was sent the design so I could create shirts for our littlest fans.  They turned out super cute, and maybe they will bring us luck!

I think all these pictures show the three naps the babies needed while we were at the meet.  It was super hot, super humid and lasted forever.   We tried to keep every from hydrated.   I was approached about 5 times from various team parent and was told that I have such wonderful swimmers.  We are kind of the oddity, in the since that we do not swim year round or subscribe to tons of private lessons.  There are many swimmers better that all of my kiddos but the Texas T's have some natural talent in this sport.  Not sure where it came from as neither J nor myself have the same talents.  I love that the kiddos try their hardest.  They swim fast to beat their own score not beat others, so I like that.  Goobers is an excellent coach and has found a good spot with the team as one of the assistants.  After a very long hot day the score came in and we left the Hurricanes eating our bubbles!  Good job everyone.

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  1. I LOVE the twins in those tiny little athletic shorts! Seriously so cute!


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