Friday, May 17, 2013

Softball Cheering

Don't tell our Cuda coaches that after the Spirit party we didn't go home to bed, instead we went and cheered on another one of Pooker and company's games.  (Oh I think they know because Coach Goobers was playing.)  That is just what the T family does.  We show up and cheer you on even if we are loud and maybe a tad embarrassing.  I am always asked why my kids like spending time together and I think it stems from times like these.  We always include each other, J coached Bear when he was 4 with Pickle at his feet.  I coached Sugar that same year while pregnant with Princess.  Pooker shows up to cheer the Cudas on and the younger ones show up to cheer on the Lone Star team.  We also get silly and paint our faces, but it is mostly about the cheering!


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