Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Wet First Birthday

I look at these two precious babies and think back one short year ago. After a very difficult 32 weeks of being pregnant I wasn't sure what would happen next. My health was so awful that our two little ones needed to be born. They were so early their bodies were not yet ready. They were so tiny.  I still am amazed at how sick I was and how small they were.  Click here to read their birth story.

I type this a year later and can't help but be overwhelmed at how blessed J and I have been.  I owe all of our friends, our family and the wonderful medical care our sincere gratitude. Twin Adorable and Twin Beautiful  have enjoyed life to the fullest with each and every one of their siblings.  We have even asked Declan and David in Heaven to watch over them. Jason and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your prayers.  
So tiny yet now so BIG.  They are healthy and happy.  We have not needed to visit the doctors.  I am so thankful that their health has not been bad.  Developmentally I do not see any delays.  As they turn one they are not walking, most of my kiddos were but not all.  I have heard that twins walk later than singletons.  I guess time will tell.  They do stand up and walk along furniture, so no noticeable delays.  
They love to eat.  They still only have the two teeth on the bottom but love to bite everything.  Maybe they are working on the other teeth.

They clap, they wave, they play peek-a-boo, and they are learning to blow kisses.

Beautiful - Adorable
We decided that we would have their 1st birthday at the pool.

Beautiful - Adorable

Most of their guests were beloved friends of all their older siblings.  All these wonderful people prayed for them when I was pregnant and we feared the worst with the Twin to Twin  fusion issues because they shared the placenta.
Beautiful is on left here and Adorable is on the right, they loved the water once they ate and got used to it.

Kat's mom, Linda used to make all the kids birthday cakes.  Kat decided she would make these for the little ones in her mom's honor.  I love it and so did the babies.

Happy Birthday Twin Adorable(R)!
Happy Birthday Twin Beautiful(L)! We love you both bunches and bunches!

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  1. Happy birthday and God bless your sweet little babes!!!! Oh, mama, you made it through a year with twins--YOU can do anything!!!!


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