Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cuda Up - Time for Time Trials

Picture day was here for the swim team.  Our team is super big.  These pictures were taken by other Cuda mom's as I was at home getting twins ready for the day.  We had a blast showing them off.  My kiddos love the meets.  I find them long and hot but not the kids.  Jumba was so scared, at first.  Like a true T family member, he was fine once he got in the water.  I don't know how fast we will be this year.  There are so many really really fast swimmers so our goal may be hard to reach.  We have promised a new ipod touch to the child that gets his/her name on the record board.  This is a very lofty goal and has been in place for years, but like I said we have a lot of fast swimmers in the neighborhood.  Jumba and the rest of the kiddos did great.  We got their times and fun was had by all. 



Happy swimming to all you swimmers out there are you begin the 2013 summer swim season. 

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