Friday, May 3, 2013

Trapped Twins


Beautiful - Adorable
The girls are on the move constantly!  It gets old, or maybe I am old.  They are on the go all the time.   I can't keep up.  They go for electric outlets in opposite sides of the room.  Princess got tired of helping so she trapped them.  They thought it was so fun. 


  1. Hilarious! I think it's both...we are old...and they are full of energy! LOL Hang in there and be grateful for your bigs to help you with your littles!!!


    1. The older kids help so much. I would not be able to do it without them. The other night everyone was out and I was getting ready to join them. The twins were in the kitchen as I was making bottles. I looked over at them and even though I was right there the whole time I "caught" them. Adorable was eating Mac and Cheese out of the Trash, and Beautiful was pulling cleaners out from under the sink. I still laugh at myself. If I didn't have older kids these two would never make it. God Bless them.

  2. Your response to my comment just made me laugh so hard I snorted!!! I can just see those little stinkers of yours foraging for mac and cheese noodles as if they were never fed. And who doesn't love getting into cleaners under the sink???!!!! Cute, cute, cute! And it's just beginning my friend! :)


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