Sunday, May 5, 2013

Children of the Forgotten Forest

Pooker and Daniel have been good friends since they met during LifeTeen and Confirmation as sophomores in highschool.  Daniel escorted Pooker to one of his dances years ago as well.  I know that she and rest of the kids miss him now that he is hours away for college.  He is in school to get a degree in film.  His final project for one of his classes involved him creating an entire short film.  I don't know the parameters at all, but I do know he wanted to use the Texas T's in his project.  He had to come home several weekends in a row to film.  That was right in the middle of us being sick.  so he went back to school during the work week, got sick, went to school, came back for more filming the next weekend.  I was very proud of all the kiddos.  If they felt sick, they knew they still needed to film.  Daniel needed them and I love how patient he was with them.  His final project was posted on you tube so I can share it at the end.  Enjoy. 


Thank you Daniel for making starts of my kiddos.  They loved the process.   

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