Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Senior Night

The time for the Senior Dinner was here.  Bear is a very young senior but will be finished with my input very soon.  He has worked hard to build a good relationship with several of his peers.  He has a few considering the priesthood with him.  One of the other mom introduced herself to me at the very end and was very complimentary about Bear.  I loved hearing what she had to say.  She also added that she hoped our sons would remain close through the seminary.  I agree, the path to priesthood will be easier if shared with a friend. 


It is sad that I know so few of these peers of Bears.  He loves them though and has made some wonderful friendships.  Ironically he has grown close to a few of the guys that homeschooled or use to homeschool.  When younger he didn't want outside friends from the family.  Now that has matured into a healthy healthy balance of all kinds of friends.

The above picture is the priests and deacons came into the celebration long enough to encourage vocations and to Bless the seniors.  
The twins were as good as any one year old can be.  Then when you multiply that little noise times two, well lets just say we moved to the hall way where they raced each other back and forth. 

I know this picture doesn't reflect it but Bear was proud to have his siblings with him.  We missed Pooker, but she was working.  (More on her new job later.)  Bear is a s mart, bright and adventurous young man.  I could not be more proud of all that he has accomplished.  School work has never been easy for him and yet he doesn't shy away from it these day.  He takes the bull by horns and does his best.  That will serve him well in life.  He encourages those around him to be better people and I love that about him.  He loves God above all else and that is a beautiful thing.   

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