Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"The Leave My Phone Alone" Game

When something belongs to mom is comes with a target on it.  Mom's soda/water is available for anyone and everyone.  Mom's phone begs for pictures to be taken and new screen savers to be added.  It is often a surprise to me when I look at my phone and find someone has left me a present.  

Everyone agrees that Sugar wins the game after leaving this as my screen saver.  This stupid dog got loose last week while J was out of town, attacked a neighbor not one time but two times.  She is harmless but huge.  The lady actually hurt herself by over reacting but J promised to train the dog when it came into the house.  After seven years my frustration with these two HUGE UN-TRAINED dogs I lost it after their last escape while J was out of town.  When everything settled down and I found this last picture on my phone I wanted to get rid of Sugar not the dog.


  1. haha. Our dog tries to make a run for it every time someone opens the front door. He isn't even suppose to come in our house but gets in every time one of the children go out the back. Love all the calling cards your children leave.

  2. Lol, this post is funny! I just finished saying that I never get a drink that is truly mine, a sand which, not even my wall paper on my lap top or phone. Funny how we mothers share so many common experiences. It did make me laugh though and I thought for a moment how very much I would miss the floaters in my drink(not) or wold I, or at the least the hundred selfies that the kids take on my I phone! I have been enjoying your log, thanks for sharing. Perhaps one day we will meet up, I used to work at Saint Edwards in spring many years ago.

    Karen T.


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