Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Goobers Gets Glasses

Goobers has bad headaches.  She has for years.  We had her eyes tested a long long time ago.  We had some blood work done to make sure it wasn't the big C.  She kind of learned to live with the pain.  As bad as that sounds it is what happened and years went by.  Recently the head aches grew worse.  We started picking apart her diet and she would experiment with removing things and then adding them back in with no relief.  We then tested for allergies and were shocked that wasn't the case.   That lead us to the eye doctor.  Were were almost relieved to learn that the doctor found an issue that might find relief with glasses. 
 Because of the nature of the issue she had to have her eyes dilated.  This drove her nuts.  Dad and I giggled with her as she reacted to what she was seeing. 
As her eyes looked like they grew we teased that she reminded us of Bugsy from the movie Bedtime Stories. 
 Do you see the resemblance!  Just teasing Goobers, you are so much prettier.
Later the next week Goobers wanted to order her glasses but not all by herself.  In true T-Family fashion this became a family event.  Each sibling given a say in to which pair of glasses worked best for her. 
 I am not sure if the Sam's Eye Department people were thrilled but they took great care of us. 
 In the end she found what she needed. 
After a week we went back to pick up the glasses.  The employees wondered where the rest of the kiddos were.  I love it!
They made a wise choice.  Goobers looks fantastic, and glasses compliment her nicely. 
(Health update:  It took about two and a half weeks but her head aches have gotten a little better.  They are not gone completely but she can function again.) 

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