Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Cuda

Another new swim year has begun.  It was a cool day when Jumba had to get in the water for the first day.  They let all the new kiddos swim for three days without the rest of the team.  We have over 300 kids so it can get overwhelming for newbies. 
Jumba wasn't sure at about what was happening.  I think he was born pool side, he swims all the time but this organized stuff was a lot for him.  You would think that he would just do this without any issues considering his sister Goobers is one of the coaches, that is at the pool every day.  Bear, Sugar, Possible and Pickle are all in the pool as Jr. Coaches to help the little ones.
He still cries every time he is asked to swim across the pool.  He can do it but it is a lot.  We hope he gets there soon.

These pictures signify that we are embarking on one of our families favorite.  Swim team is a blast. 
We might not be the best swimmers but we add the spirit.  There is coach Goobers helping the kids into the pool for the first time.
This is such a great family sport.  Even Pooker stopped by from work and school to encourage her baby brother on his first day.
At least we see a little smile.
Look at all those fantastic Jr. Coaches:  Sugar
It is going to be a great swim season (hopefully it warms up a tad!)
Go Cudas!!

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