Friday, April 26, 2013

Play Ball

I admire Pooker so much.  She is back at Lone Star community college because they have a fantastic nursing school.  She realized that paying a ton of money for school might not be the best approach.  She has regrouped and found her fit again.  The only probalby with this college choice is that it isn't known for building a cumminity spirit.  She wants college friends along with an education so she helped the school form a co-ed softball team.   
In true T-Family fassion, when she didn't have enough players to even have a practice she made her sibling join in to help fillout the team.  Goobers, Bear and Sugar enjoyed meeting new people as well. 
Go Pooker!
In the end Goobers and Pooker could play and had fun.  They invited us all to come cheer them on. 
We may have been the only family there to cheer on our college aged kiddos but the kids all loved the chance and begged to go each week.
The team mates were very gracious to all the younger kiddos.
I think some people like going because they liked getting snacks from concession stand.
I don't think that their record was that great in the end.

To me that didn't matter.  When you feel like you want something more from life, you can sit around and wait for it to happen or . . .
You can follow Pooker's example and do something to make changes.  This might not be a group of friends that loast forever but they did have fun together and learned some skills.  They didn't just sit and wait for life to happen they did a little something to enjoy life where they were today.


This is just one of the ways that Pooker is my hero. Good job girl. 

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