Thursday, October 18, 2012

With them gone. . .

When the big kids left we decided to keep busy.  The big kids got us a puzzle of the Rialto Bridge in Venice to work on.  We planned for a visit from Ms. Brenda and had a blast.  it took a few days to change our routine but once we did things worked out great.  In spite of the generous offers to help us from all of our friends we all picked up the slack in the left over chores that the big kids left behind.  I am so proud of the younger ones.  They ran the house very much like the older kids would have.

 We did have  a flat tire at one point but nothing major.  Other than that flat tire,we had things pretty much under control.

 The puzzle took much of our time but we were racing to finish the puzzle before the big kids made it to the bridge.
 I even made sure I still got to go to my weekly mom meetings.  I took the twins with me and their friend joined us.  So many babies drew us much attention.
Back at home the puzzle was finished and we even took care of a shipment that arrived for Zucchetto.  We had it all under control.

Even though we had things under control our favorite part of the days were when we could talk to the big kids with Skype.

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