Friday, October 12, 2012

They are off!

The time finally came for the gang to leave.  J and the big kids were headed to St. Louis to meet up with  the other pilgrims so they could go on their pilgrimage to Italy.  This was not something that made the younger bunch at all happy.  

 We knew that this crew was about to have the trip of a life time.  We got up early to wish them well as they set off.  J and I had not been apart for more than 10 days and this was going to be longer.  I missed them before they drove away.

 Lots of hugs and kisses, we even caught the big kids trying to sneak off with the twins.
Good bye guys, we love you and we will pray for you.
We head off early that morning and went to Mass.  I still took like a trip with my 7 small children.  I am always amazed that being out in the world with several young children is a site to many people.  We were feeling a little down and left behind so I also took my crowd out for a nice breakfast.  This was more than enough to shock everyone we saw at the restaurant.  One couple came up to us to talk about our family.  Then as we went to leave we learned that they had purchased our meal.  That was such a nice treat. 

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