Friday, October 19, 2012

Miss Brenda Visits


While the older half of the family was away we had Miss Brenda visit.  She met the twins for the first time and I think they met her approval.
 I had so much fun with her visit this time.   With everyone gone but the little kids, Ms. B and I would stay up late into the night talking.  We had a blast.
Adorable and Beautiful were as cute as could be.
We even got donuts one morning.
First slide for Adorable with Possible.
First Slide with Beautiful in the arms of Pickle.
Even with a chunk of the kiddos traveling, we are still a pretty big crowd.

Ms. B and I went grocery shopping and came home to a decorated living room and a play.

We found that working on puzzles helped us pass the time while we waited to hear from big kids.

We took lots of twin pictures and would text them to dad.  No one was wanting to miss any part of the twins growth.

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