Monday, October 8, 2012

Who is who?

They are starting to look so much alike.  They are both filling out (weight wise - yahoo) and the hair is getting to look more and more alike.  The kids put caps on the babies and I couldn't tell which was which, at first.  They are just so cute and now they look so much alike.  I love it!!  I will let you try to guess and then post who is who in the comments.


  1. Picture 1) Beautiful in Front - Adorable in Back
    Picture 2) Adorable
    Picture 3) Beautiful
    Picture 4) Adorable on viewer's left and Beautiful on Right

  2. Last picture--Adorable left, Beautiful right

    (I'm only guessing the last picture!)

    1. Good guess, we have been checking Adorable's birth mark often lately.


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