Monday, October 8, 2012

Book Fair Business Going Well

The family business is going well.  We have been very business setting up,  running, doing paperwork for, inventory and all other aspects of running this family business.  It isn't a format we created.  We are following the format set up by someone else and it is going extremely well.  

Goobers and Pooker at work!

Bear helping out!

That being said we have had to make some major changes already.  J and Mr. D started Zucchetto Enterprises as a joint adventure but we have discovered that each man would like to run their own business very differently.  So we are now working to end the partnership and create a second company.  Mr. D and his family will keep the Zucchetto name and the T family will become the Camauros Enterprises.  It is so much work but it will be worth it.  We are so excited to continue our opportunity with the book fairs.  More on Camauros Enterprises to follow soon!!!

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