Monday, October 8, 2012

Year of Faith Pilgrimage is HERE!

 The Year of Faith is finally here.  It officially begins October 11th.  This is a year in which the church is trying to focus on Faith.  I do hope that all Catholics learn as much as they can about this year of faith and work toward their own indulgence.  Please click this sentence to take you to a page all about this opportunity.   We are so happy that it is officially here, but for more personal reasons.

My Teens have worked and worked to earn all their funds for their big trip.  Remember way way back when our dear friend Miss Linda T passes away?  (almost 3 years ago)  The kids were supposed to go on a World Youth Day but that fell apart, more information about all that in this older post.  Everything has fallen into place, all the monies needed have been earned, and the kids are getting ready for this huge trip.

So this Friday J is taking Goobers, Bear and Sugar to St. Louis.  Pooker is also going.  WE are so thrilled that she was able to work it in also.  They will meet up with family and Fr. Tom.  Later in the weekend, Mr. D and his son G along with Mr. Larry (and Linda T)'s daughter Kat will join them and several others.  They will fly out Monday to Venice, Italy.  Fr. Tom and his good friend, Monsignor Breier have organized a wonderful adventure on what has become their "Year of Faith" Pilgrimage.  Click here to see all the wonder adventures that are ahead of the kiddos and their dads.
Everyone is looking forward to different things. I am so happy that they get to attend the Canonization Mass of Kateri Tekakwitha.  Sugar has always been close to this saint so I am  thrilled for her.
I have always had a devotion to Our Lady of Perpetual Help, there is a copy of this in my home parish - growing up.  The children will get to visit the shine where they house the original.  I am so jealous of this one.  I just pray that Linda's desires are met,  she wanted the teens to go on such a life affirming pilgrimage that their faith would be secure for their life time. It would seam that this pilgrimage holds that opportunity.

I ask that you remember these pilgrims in prayer over the next three weeks.  Please pray for their safety and health.  I do worry about Sugar's allergies and being in a foreign country with a different language and different food preparation regulations.   We also ask you to share your prayers with us.  The kids will be printing off a list of prayers sent to this email address up until Thursday.  They will not have the names of who sent them just the prayers.  They will carry that list with them and offer prayers for your intentions.  Just email us by Thursday evening, deadline is midnight October 11th.   Send prayers to  Feel free to share this with anyone you know needing some friends to offer prayers for them.  


  1. How wonderful! I will do a quick write-up about the prayer intention offer and share the email address.

    So very excited for kiddos, Neen. This is an incredible opportunity. I pray that my own children might get such an experience! And I so love what your dear, dear friend hoped and prayed that the young people would get out of it!!!


  2. Hi
    I hope that the floods in Venice don't affect your pilgrims' trip
    Looks pretty incredible
    Best wishes

    1. Jane they were in Venice on Wednesday the 17th. They said there was a little flooding and they were there at low tide. They heard more about it than really saw anything. Those pictures are wild. I had been to Venice and it would flood at high tide early morning but rarely in the day light hours. The pilgrims all sounded so tired after two whole days of site seeing that when I asked questions they zoned out. Maybe their pictures will reveal more. Thanks for the link!


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