Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Would you like a Taco this Halloween!?!

So every Halloween this crazy bunch comes up with an idea and they run with it.  This year was no different.  We all talked about this for ever and then that morning they did it all.  It took everyone's help but they decided to be the sauce packets that Taco Bell offers with the funny random sayings.

Adorable - Beautiful
These two cuties were all ready for their first Halloween wearing very appropriate shirts.  "Don't Scare Me!  (I Poop Easily.)"

Pooker with Jumba doing the face painting






Sugar - Princess

Adorable - Beautiful

Dad "So Glad I'm Not Ketchup"
Mom "Taco Mama"
Pooker "Don't Play With Fire"
Goober "I Should Have Been A Hot"
Bear "Does This Packet Make Me Look Sexy?"
Sugar "Goes With Anything"
Possible "Take Me to Your Taco"
Pickle "Drew Brees Likes Mild"
Princess "Who Needs Buffalo Sauce?"
Bagel "Too Hot To Handle"
Jumba "Spicy Boy"
Adorable "It's Better"  Beautiful "With Two"
We then got to have some neighbors sit around the fir pit with us as the kids all went Trick or Treating.  Fun night!

I hope that your Halloween was as much fun as we did that night!  Now I am off to go eat a taco.

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