Sunday, October 28, 2012

Will They Ever Get Back?

After two weeks we all were a little on edge.  We talked to the kids in St.Louis.  They stayed up there one more day to visit with everyone while we just sat at home and waited for them to arrive.  We missed them so much.
Beautiful reaches over to comfort Adorable
 This picture captures a twin thing that I am seeing more and more.  If one baby is crying the twin will reach to touch the other one.   They don't poke or pick at each other but hold hands a lot.  I love watching this develop.
Possible with Adorable

 Still the most fun we had was talking with the big kids.
 Pickle and Possible head to a Middle-School (Homeschool) Halloween Party as Indiana Jones and as an Officer.
Adorable - Beautiful
 The twins are still as close as can be while they wait for the big kids to get home.
.This last shot was what this crazy crew looked like on the other end of Skype.

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