Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Papal Audience

I hear that The Texas T group broke from their travel companions today and went back to the Vatican to be at the General Audience. I didn't hear any other details but I can't wait to hear their stories.  The pictures and quote are just pulled from the internet.  I just can't wait to get the scoop.

The Holy Father concluded in his words for the Wednesday General Audience for Oct 24, 2012: "The faith is a gift of God but it is also a profoundly free and human act. ... It does not run counter to our freedom or our reason. ... Believing means entrusting oneself in all freedom and joy to God's providential plan for history, as did the Patriarch Abraham, as did Mary of Nazareth".
Today is their last day in Rome.  They will get to bed tonight and wake early for their long ride home.  They will arrive back in the United States on Thursday.  My kiddos will visit with family in St. Louis and come home on Sunday.  Those of us that were left here in Houston to hold down the fort are really getting anxious to the rest of the family.  (Other than a missing them we are doing great.)  Please continue to pray that all the pilgrims arrive home safely.    

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  1. Love seeing the pilgrim pictures!!! Thank you again for sending Simeon with them so to speak. What blessings to come for your family, I"m sure for many years to come.


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