Saturday, July 21, 2012

Twins Try Cereal

This post takes us back to the beginning.  I started this blog to let family in St. Louis know how our Jumba was doing.  He was so cute that I wanted to show family what he looked like.  I wanted to share with family how we were doing.  

The first post of this blog was when Jumba was just a few weeks old.  He was never satisfied so we added some cereal to his schedule and it did the trick.  He loved it.  This blog's very first post was the first time he ate cereal.  His nickname back then was Cowboy.  I wrote about it.

Today so much of the scenario is the same.   Everyone wants to be there to share in the first feeding.  It was a moment.  The twins both liked the rice.



I love these kids.  They were all there when the babies were having trouble in NICU.  They were all there when we brought them home.  The siblings are all there for the good and the bad times.  These babies were born into something very special.

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