Sunday, July 22, 2012

Awards Night Cuda Style

Another season has come to an end.  Our swimmers had a great year.  The twins took us off our grove but they were good motivation.  We also were reminded how we are surrounded by wonderful people.  I want to take a minute and document these kind deeds so that we never forget how blessed we really are.  

Bagel with 2nd place trophy for high point winner of 7 year olds at All Stars.

We already talked about coming home from the hospital with the babies on a day after a storm.  As we sat around watching a movie celebrating our family we heard the J family outside taking care of our yard.  They didn't want us to give up family time for the yard.  It was such a wonderful surprise.  
Jumba is still a big fan of his siblings, maybe he will swim next year.
A couple meals have come our way from Cuda families.  It is always makes us feel so honored when someone goes out of their way to feed us.
Beautiful meets another Cuda parent,  Mrs. J 
The Cudas are driven and run so well because the parents are very involved.  

Trophies that the Cudas won thus year.
The system to get the reluctant parents involved is to have all parents write a check at the beginning of the season.  If you work for shifts then the check is torn up and if you fail to volunteer your check is cashed.
Dad with Adorable
Like all good Cuda parents we turned out check in.  Then I got sick and the twins made an early appearance.
Sugar and Goobers 
Princess listens carefully.
  It got toward the end of the season and I was egging dad on.  We could really use that money.
 There was an announcement made at a divisionals that they needed more timers, so J went over.  When he got there the spots were all taken. 
 He walked up to one of the dads that is very very involved and had earned his check back long before the first meet.  He asked this man if he could work his shift instead, stating, "I need the shifts and I know you don't."  
The friends response was, "I got this one, let me time you can just go relax."  J was very confused by this.  He wanted to earn his shifts so that he wouldn't loose his deposit and the man's response wasn't helpful.  
As it turns out a note went out to the team and on the note it stated that the T family still hadn't earned their shifts.  We were told at an end of year party that that man had signed up for that shift and several others for J.  He was working to earn our points for us.  That alone made me cry, we are so blessed.  
Goobers getting a scholarship.
Then we were told the rest of the story.  That note just went to a handful of people, just the leaders of each given department for example, the scribes leader, the tent leaders, the cleanup leader, and the ready bench leaders.  From that note the volunteer coordinator said she got so many responses she couldn't even tell us about each other.  
Everyone was writing her back offering to take shifts in our family's name.  These were the coordinators too that were already way overworked.  They were offering to work in another section for us.  The team president and volunteer coordinators had tears in their eyes as they described the responses.

They told us that they would not share names because people wanted to be anonymous.  They were just so moved by the generosity of others that they shared.  They wanted us to know how loved we were.

Yep we are very loved!  Thank you God for another great swim season.  We learned so much about who we were and our friends and neighbors; we also leaned somethings about swimming.

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  1. Wow, Shannon. This post made me cry. First, I was amazed at what incredibly generous friends and neighbors you have that could cook meals for a family of 13...then to read the end of your post and hear about the generosity of shift workers...well it warmed my heart towards humanity after hearing about all the horrible things in this world!!! Girl, you are so blessed!


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