Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cuda "Fish" for Post Season Swimmers

The Cuda tradition is to leave these "Fish" decorated by the Coaches and Jr. Coaches in the yards of those that are swimming for All Stars and Ponderosa on the night before the events.  There are a surprise encouragement from the team.   Thanks to all of our Jr coaches who spent the week creating the fish to celebrate the swimmers involvement in one of the post season events that are invitational only.  It is an honor to get a Fish.  
Sugar - Bagel - Possible - Bear
This year most of my swimmers qualified and were invited to the post season events.
It was a first for many and heartbreaking for Princess.  This was the first year that she did not qualify.  Her big brother, Bear, also a Jr. Coach hated that she was upset.  He created a fish for her that wished her better luck next year.  In the end I was proud of Princess.  It was hard to not swim but she went to all events and cheered on everyone else.  

Way to go Goobers!
Good Job Bear!
You worked very hard to get there Sugar!
Possible qualified in every stroke even after that elbow injury last year.
Pickle moved up in age groups this year now swimming the 50.  The pool are all 25 so he learned the flip turn.  He hopes that next year he will master it and move back to making it to Ponderosa and not just All Stars.

Bagel had another wonderful year.  She made Ponderosa again along with All Stars.  She moved up an age group and now swam 4 events and not two.  She did great in all of them.  She is a very strong swimmer.  We wonder if she might have the talent to pursue swimming on a more professional level.  Looking into it . . .

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