Tuesday, July 3, 2012

All Stars and Ponderosa

The invitational events this swim season were a little chaotic but lots of fun.  My swimmers all did their best.  They were also all there for each other.  My kids are always there for each other.  I am asked often how they will have friends if they homeschool, and I have to laugh at that question.  They are best friends with each other.

Bear - Beautiful - Adorable - Pooker


Pooker holding Beautiful

Bagel is an incredible swimmer. 

Bear - Pooker - Adorable

Go Pickle

Princess cheering on her siblings

Pooker explains the meet to Adorable

Go Possible

Goobers - Pickle

Pickle looks worried

First swim meet Sugar - Adorable - Beautiful - Possilbe

The twins were a big hit but I am not sure they loved it.  Sugar holding - Adorable - Beautiful

Beautiful and Bear

Bagel giving it her all

Bagel crashing on the way home!
This was the first big outing for the twins.  They did great.  The big kids were so happy to show them off.  These huge post season invitationals are all about waiting and then spending seconds in the water and then more waiting.  They last two days.  All the kids did wonderfully but Bagel did walk away with the first place medal for all 7 year olds for her freestyle.  She was awesome.  The rest were just as wonderful.  It was a wonderful ending to a great season.

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