Thursday, June 28, 2012

Baby Shower / Show The Twins Party

A shower was planned for the day I actually delivered.  It was rescheduled for last weekend.  My friend Julie W and my girls put on one heck of a fun baby shower.  The food and the games were wonderful.  Seeing people outside the home was even better.  I had a blast and so did the twins.
 Thanks to my many generous friends, the twins will be well dressed for months.
 The games were so much fun.
 I hear that Pooker and the girls were in charge of this part.
 Above you are looking at a table full of "dirty baby diapers".  They are "soiled" with various
The guests had to taste and identify 7 different baby foods.
It was so much funny seeing so many of our friends.
The next game was even more "yummy"!
The kids put various candy bars smashed into diapers.  We had to walk around the table and label which candy bar filled that poopy diaper.
It was harder than you would think.


More friends.

 And because the twins came so early, we got to show off the twins.
Adorable - Beautiful
The party was so much fun.  I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful friends.  They prayed for  the twins and for me.  I know that I owe all these wonderful people my heartfelt gratitude for all the prayers for the health of the twins and for my health.   

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