Sunday, June 3, 2012

A New Kind of Family Pool Time

J and the kids decided to try a new activity the other night.  They all headed out to the local pool hall.  They were gone a few hours and had a blast.    I heard all about it when they arrived home.  J loves that Pooker is now 21 and they could share a beer.  I have never liked the taste but now he  has his grown daughter to share that with.  

These guys were the big winners.  We to go Pooker and Jumba!
The family had a blast and have a real desire to try it again later.  I did hear reference to the Camden family from the TV Show 7th Heaven.  Their family spent a lot of quality time together at a pool hall.  They also had some surprise twins.  I guess we have a little more in common with that TV family than I first thought.

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