Monday, June 4, 2012

Holding Both Twins

I am adding this later than the date posted 7-12-12.  I want to remember this special time when each one got to hold the twins together for the first time.  It was such a great and happy day.  These are the shots that I posted along side the blog.  I don't want them to be forgotten.  This was so special at the time.

J - Beautiful - Adorable

Need - Beautiful - Adorable

Pooker - Adorable - Beautiful

Goobers - Adorable - Beautiful

Bear - Adorable - Beautiful   

Sugar -  Adorable - Beautiful

Possible -  Adorable - Beautiful

Pickle -  Adorable - Beautiful

Princess -  Adorable - Beautiful

Bagel -  Adorable - Beautiful

Jumba -  Adorable - Beautiful

Twin Adorable

Twin Beautiful


"National sibling day!?! Goobers, Bear, Sugar, Possible, Pickle, Princess, Bagel, and Jumba, I love you! I miss you each so, so much! Thanks for making life so much fun. Each new sibling has added a deeper amount of joy to my life and I can...'t imagine life without any of you! Those twins don't know what they're getting into. I can't even begin to explain what we have to them. They'll be beyond loved though and apart of something I hope we never lose." Pookers message to her siblings on 'National Sibling Day'!

"Your children each bring me immense joy. I am so happy that God is sending another one for us to love."
Fr. Tom phone message after hearing Neen was pregnant

"He said who did what now?"
Dad asking me what the doctor meant when he told us about the second baby.

"I just can't stop thinking about how much love those babies are going to have in life in your family. They will always believe in God's love because they will have it from the family."
Stephanie told me at the park while I was still a little worried about two babies and her familly mourning a miscarriage.

"J, I know that you are busy down there in Texas trying to create your own community, ..."
George R. calling to ask dad to fix something, also the father of a set of twins

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