Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bagel is 8!!

This little lady knew her birthday was coming.  She had a countdown going for days.  If the twins had still been in the NICU she would no longer have needed to have her temperature taken and she no longer needs to sit in a booster seat.  She knew all these changes were coming, and she couldn't wait to celebrate.  Her sisters did not disappoint, they decorated the house with streamers.  When they all woke up early for swim team she was happy.  She also had frozen cupcakes to snack on during the meet.
As soon as they got home we all headed out for a nice dinner.  We were going out to celebrate a birthday and this little lady picked the family favorite of the Olive Garden.
Look at all those people, we have a great family.  They were all willing to give up their afternoons to celebrate with Bagel.  We got the side room and it was perfect for us.
The twins were fine all snuggled in their stroller.  I was very glad that no one tried to touch them.
 The rest of us enjoyed a good meal and great conversation.
 We have such a neat group that we all enjoy our time together so much.
 I can't believe my little baby is already 8 years old.
 She was embarrassed by the cake but thrilled by it.

Happy birthday precious BAGEL!  We all love you.

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