Friday, June 15, 2012

There is No Place Like Home!!!

We end up at home and it was a great feeling bringing our little ladies into our home with all of their siblings there to cheer them on.  I think about how special the day was and my only response is to cry.  God has been so good to us.  We brought home two healthy little ladies and everyone was there to celebrate.  Pooker and Bear both had to get out of work for the day and we are so glad they did.   We all got to celebrate together.
The gang with Beautiful on left of dad and Adorable on right.

It all started with our late arrival at the NICU.  We had been without electricity because of a storm until early that morning.  Our cleaning took longer than we thought and that didn't include all the storm damage outside.  We couldn't worry about that,  we needed to head to the hospital. 

It was also fun that this was a Cuda mom that we knew from the neighborhood.
Jumba got his temperature taken for the last time as we entered the unit.  He was nervous every time that they might discover he was sick and not let him in.  He was good to go.
Twin Adorable
Goobers is getting Twin Adorable ready to go home.  Now is a good time to explain our "Home Coming Outfit - Tradition".  With every newborn, while mom is waiting to be discharged with baby, the entire family heads out to find the coming home outfit.  They kids must all agree with dad on the final outfits.  They must be a perfect match for each baby and mom will not know anything about it until the babies are dressed.  The kids and dad headed out last night to find the outfit.  Mom stayed home without any electricity and took a nap.  As soon as we arrived hospital the kids went in and immediately started dressing the twins and quickly announced that were not not attached to any monitors.  No cords at all!  Praise God!
We all started packing everything that needed to go home with us.  It was quit a bit after three and half weeks.
Twin Adorable
Once dressed the outfits were revealed to mom.  Very cute outfits were chosen, they complemented each other but were different, all while maintaining the country look that that the big kids like so much.
Twin Adorable - Twin Beautiful
 Once again the outfits that everyone helped to pick were perfect!
Adorable on left and Beautiful on right.
 The whole family.  The T family all together!
Every member of this family was happy to be taking our little ones home but also sad to be saying goodbye to our NICU friends.
Beautiful - Adorable
 Dad loving on his new little girls!

Beautiful - Adorable
 Dad with all of his girls.   There are a lot of those girls and dad could not be happier.
Beautiful - Adorable
 My oldest ones loving my youngest ones and each one is as cute as the next!

 While the babies took their last bit of medicine, mom got to sign them out.
Twin Adorable
 It took awhile to down their vitamins, maybe we were just very anxious to get out of there.

 No readings on our babies!  It was so nice to not have to look up at a machine to tell me that they were OK.

Adorable - Beautiful
 We all fell in love with these nurses.  They took such excellent care of the twins and of us.
Adorable - Beautiful
 Some of our wonderful nurses!

 Beautiful looking great in her outfit.

 Adorable in her special outfit.

 Goodbyes were hard, very hard!  These ladies taught me so much about my preemies and about life.

 Headed to the big old van.
 It was a production getting all 11 children into the van, while saying goodbye.
 No fighting over who would sit next to the baby because this time we have two to share the love.

 Before leaving they handed us the frozen breast milk that they had saved.  I had no idea was producing so much.  The cooler was full.
Beautiful - Adorable
 Dad was so proud to carry in his little ladies with the rest of the gang there to support him. Look at all those kiddos, wow, we are blessed!
 No one would leave dad's side.  They all wanted to be a part of this big day.
Adorable headed in the house first!
They were finally inside the home.  They didn't spend much time in their bed at all.  We did try it out at least for a few pictures with their special outfits on.  
Twin Adorable - Twin Beautiful

Then it was off to the family room.  We all watched the original "Cheaper By the Dozen" movies to celebrate our new family time.  At the beginning of Movie number one, the dad is asked if all 11 children are his or if it was a picnic.  The father responds, "These are my 11 children, sir and I promise you it is no picnic."  We giggled because we knew the dad in this movie loved each and everyone of his kiddos.  Life will not always be a picnic, that is for sure.  With 11 children we are sure to have hard times.  Together we will accomplish anything and knowing us we will have fun along the way.
The babies are a part of the big group now, and we are so glad to have them.  While we were enjoying the movies, Goobers went into the front room to change diapers.  She caught some neighbors (the J family)  doing our yard work they had decided to celebrate the twins homecoming by cleaning out all the storm debris out of our yard.  This was such a nice act.  The kids all went out to protest but they were sent back inside to enjoy their baby time.

Twin Adorable - Twin Beautiful
I am so thankful for all the prayers that got us to today.  So many people prayed for mom's health, the twins health and for them to continue to do well after birth.  All those prayers were answered.  These two precious little ladies are now home and making our lives even more full.  We thank each of you for everything that you did to get us to this day.  So many meals made, gifts given, yard raked (thank you J family) and prayers said.  This was not a celebration for just our family but one that we share we each of you.  Thank you, and please know we continue to remember your needs in our prayers.


  1. So, so happy for you guys! Can't wait to meet these precious girls when they are bigger!!!

  2. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful and adorable babies. They are indeed beautiful and adorable.

    Thanks so much for sharing your babies with us.

  3. So glad that you were able to get this all documented while still fresh in your mind! It was a beautiful story and I'm so glad you shared it.


  4. Oh, yay!!!

    I LOVE that picture of daddy--the first one, his expression of "We're home!" is priceless.


  5. Congratulations on these 2 little blessings! Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of children! The babies are gorgeous!


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