Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

This is how this man has looked at each of his children.  He loves being a father and is so natural at it.  When the kids are upset with me and I feel like a bad mom I can just sit back and remember that I gave my children the best gift ever, I married a wonderful man.  He is a fabulous father.  
We didn't do anything special for father's day.  We went to separate Masses so the twins could stay home.  The big kids all had to work so off they went.  Later in the afternoon J took all the little ones to the pool where the older ones were working.  Pooker also joined them and the pool.  He was thrilled. 
Simple time with his children, that is all he likes.

While we were driving the kids home from the hospital the other day, I looked at Jason and asked what he wanted for Father's day.  He looked back at the 11 kids in the car and with a tear in his eye and smile on his face he answered, " I don't want anything, I already have it all!"

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