Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cudas Win Divisionals

 This was the hottest day of the year so far.  Divisionals was split into two meets.  The 10 and unders were first and then everyone else.  All my kiddos went at one time and had to get there by 6:45am.  The twins and I stayed at home.  We had a very long day with non stop nursing but their day was a little more rough.  They were inside but the heat was still very high.  We were swimming against everyone we swam against before.  All teams were here in one pool at one time.  Possible was brought home because she was wiped out and getting sick.  The rest of them stayed to find out that the Cudas won this year.  Here are the top three teams, see how close the score was:  Northampton Cudas 297, Woodlands Hurricanes 290, Memorial Northwest 281.  It was a very tight race but in the end the Cudas pulled ahead.  Way to go guys.


 Goobers with the biggest fan - Jumba
 The Cudas waiting to find out who won!
 SENIORS with the first place trophy!
 Her senior year is the year the Cudas win it all, way to make great memories for Goobers.

Taken from facebook: Beverly Edgerton Mills
 Here is a group after finding out we won.
taken from facebook: Carol Miller
 They went crazy!
 Goobers with Miss L, one of her swim team buddies!
taken from facebook:  LaWonda Love Garcia
That is one happy group of kiddos!
My Cudas were equally happy.  Too bad Possible had gotten sick, I know this would have meant the world to her as well.  Dad took the winning T Family Cudas to dinner to celebrate.  A little sad that we were not all together but a true celebration non the less.  Way to go Cudas!  Congrats!!!

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