Sunday, May 6, 2012

Week 30

This has been a very tough week.  I really had no idea how much discomfort was involved with pregnancy.  I have been so blessed and so spoiled in my pregnancies.  I have never had this hard of a time.  I spent the week in mental distress praying for families that have to deal with doctors that offer "selective reduction" as an option.  I met another woman who was faced with the same issues.  It really breaks my heart to think about this.  I feel so blessed to not have to worry about it. 
My belly hurts like it is sunburn.  Nothing was helping, not even the special stretch mark cream.  I read on line that has to do with the stretching skin and to use an Aloe Vera Product.  After 24 hours of using some cream, I feel a little relief.  That will help so much.  My belly is so big that when I sit down, my legs spread and my belly rubs on the chair or couch.  These babies are big and low.  The Braxton Hicks contractions are growing in frequency and intensity and yet they are not yet dangerous of bringing on pre-term labor.  I have a few days left behind the wheel before I can't drive.  Here is a fun one, I no longer fit in the pew at church.  I am so short that my belly rubs the front of the pew unless I am sitting down.  The babies are getting so big that I can't ever get comfortable.  My legs and feet  are so swollen.  Complain, complain, complain.  I am sorry.  

Thank you God for the health of my precious babies.  Thank you for the support from my family, friends and husband giving me the desire to get through this with a smile on my face as much as possible.  Thanks for the little sleep that I do get each day.  8 weeks to go is a little over whemling.  God help me to live each day at a time and try to find to joy of being pregnant.   


  1. Oh my...that belly is big. And, I mean it as a compliment..from one mom of many to another mom of many!You are growing healthy babies and you look radiating! I can't believe you can no longer fit in the pew, but at least you have a funny preg story to tell the twins when they are older :)

  2. Oh, Neen, if you can't complain when you are pregnant, when can you? (haha--a little pregnancy humor) My pregnancies are all hard and big...and I've not had twins, you are doing great!!! I never thought about the no driving part, how hard, yet blessed you have older kids that can help out.

    I'll be thinking and praying for you....each week you make it, is so much better for those sweet babies!!

    Another thought, I'm sure you've thought of already, it's hard, really really hard right now, because it's going to be really really hard when they get out too, and it will seem, so easy compared to this, right?

    Praying for you, Thank you for all your prayers for Simeon. Each day is a little better, he's eating 3 ounces now (he was eating 4 before surgery)(he's not eating as often yet, but he will soon, I"m sure)

  3. Oh now, it is NOT complaining, it is VENTING. Very different. You need to express how you feel, no one gets any help from someone who breezes through something like this! I am praying for you, and am excited with you. I have not had twins, but I had some rather uncomfortable pregnancies with swollen feet, and I really feel for you. You are going to have your hands full, but the joy you are in for...there are no words! Take care and put those feet up as often as you can, lie on your side...take care of yourself!


  4. Praying for you and for you to be as comfortable as possible. You are beautiful!


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