Thursday, May 3, 2012

St. Louis Fun

Mimi didn't have her surgery yet so the girls are trying to stay busy helping Mimi with little projects and keep her mind off her worries.  This is leaving the girls with a little more free time than originally thought.  So Fr. Tom, with Mimi's permission kidnapped Sugar and Goobers for the day.  He had also picked up Goobers-March-For-Life-Best-Friend Miss K.  He wanted an adventure for them.  He picked Meramec Caverns.  Missouri is known as the state of caves, but my kiddos know nothing about that.  They got to go on a tour to see the caves in all their beauty and then onto a zip line adventure.  So much fun.  Father sent two pictures to prove the girls were still alive and well.   To me it looked like they had a blast.  Thank you Father Tom.

"Cavern ToursBeneath the fertile rolling hills of the Meramec Valley, lies a complex of mineral formations and color as rare and unique as they are beautiful. These precious underground jewels, which took thousands of years to grow, are preserved in the spectacular sights of Meramec Caverns. "

"Zip Line AdventureSoar through the tree tops and across the Meramec River on a hour long adventure of a lifetime."

Quotes are taken from the Meramec caverns Website

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