Monday, May 7, 2012

Time Trials

Are you kidding me, it isn't time for time trials already?  Is it.  Yes it is.  This year it was decided to go a week early and then take off Mothers Day weekend. 

Everyone always needs a new swim suit.  I get tired of paying a fortune for suits and then having them fall apart long before summer is even over.  I have been advised by wealthy neighbors of one child to buy practice suits and the team suit for each child.  The practice suits are around $40 each and the team suit with discount was about $56.  I am sorry I just don't have that much extra budget for the swim season.  In the past I have purchased the expensive team suits at the beginning and most of them have needed another suit by the end of season.  This year I took the kids with me and we went in to the swim shop.  We ended up with better suits that should last the season and they cost less.  I was so happy.  They have simple suits but they will stick out when they are on the blocks.  Even Jumba got a suit this year. 

My little future swimmer is so adorable.  Now onto Saturday.  We really missed having Sugar and Goobers here but Pooker came home for the night so that she could get up early with the swimmers and cheer them on. 

J and I are still learning how to use the good camera with the great lens.  These pictures are not the best.  Just like the swimmers this was not "for real" it was just a practice meet to record a base time. 

OK so the pictures are not perfect.  Neither were all of our swims.  This looks like it will be a fun season with lots of good times for my swimmers.  I know that the babies will provide a huge distraction from swimming this year but I suspect we will all still do pretty well.  I was very hot and sore after a short time pool side.  I don't think I will be going back but I do enjoy seeing my children work hard at learning something and then to thrive at it.  Go my precious T Cudas.  (Hopefully next meet we can get a group shot.)


  1. Wow, I can't believe it's starting already! Our team will prove to be much different this year, but hopefully still lots of fun. I found both of the girls Speedo practice suits at Ross last night for $8 each (one is a really nice $66 one). Might be a good option for the future!

  2. Wow! That is a lot of money to have to shell out for swim suits! I know how you feel...with only 2 I panic over soccer never seem to fit from Spring to Fall or vice least with the 3rd...I will be able to pass down soccer shoes to the next boy! Mary is so hard on ballet slippers and they form to the individual foot so I really just have to write that off. I have been on the lookout for leotards at garage sales! Mary's dance teacher does not allow the "cheap" ones from Target/Kohls/Walmart etc. b/c anymore they are always "blinged" out with rhinestones or have little skirts attached to the bodice. Her teacher is strict with the pink tights/black simple leotard for young girls. I can get her ballet slippers at Payless...The older girls have to get the toe shoes at the dancewear company...not looking forward to that! Fortunately, toe dancing is not allowed until age 11! Whew!


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