Sunday, April 22, 2012

"You are so com-port-a-bull when you are preg-a-nut." Week 28.7

This has been an uneventful baby week.  I did not have any appointments all week.  I have tried to be very careful with my diet and have very little to no sugar.  I am still ending the day feeling very very tired. It is the 3rd trimester after all. My energy ended as we began to put the room back together, so my progress is much slower.

I need to get moving and to purchase the crib.  I think the final touches will pull the room together and make it feel like home and I will post the pictures soon.  I love the colors and I love the funtionality of the room as an office/school room and I hope that once we add the crib it will also work as the baby room!For now my incubating babies have a lot of energy.  They are very active and now push back when I lean against something that pokes them. 
My nights are a little better in that I am sleeping again.  I do wake up often to go to the bathroom.  Every night this little bundle shows up.  I don't remember him joining me but there he is.  I asked Jumba why and he says he just wants to be there to help me with the babies.  He is often seen sitting next to me rubbing and talking to my belly.  When I ask why he cuddles me so much he says it is because, "You are so com-port-a-bull when you are preg-a-nut." 
Then Jumba upsets me a tad when I catch him making fun of me.  I know my feet are huge and so far it isn't a problem but he is very aware of how big they got.  I caught him having "trouble" walking only to look at his feet and see why . . .

The little bugger has copied my swollen feet.  I made him sit with his feet up!  Silly boy.  I suspect that both of us will be healed when the babies are born!


  1. Shannon, that is just hilarious! What a sweet little guy you have there!!! Glad to hear that all was good last week...I noticed you've been quieter...must be exhausted. Yay, for uneventful weeks.

  2. Way to go, Neen! You are doing it! Hang in there; I for one think you are looking even more radiant the farther along you get in your pregnancy. Praise the Lord for all your little encouragers :)


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