Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Adios! Safe Travels!

I am so thankful that Goobers was soooo willing to stand in for me during dad's trip to Mexico.  This was a business trip that he signed us up for over a year ago.  For some crazy reason my doctor didn't want me leaving the country.  Maggie is so mature now and so polite that Jason took her as his guest. 

I dropped them off at the airport this morning a little sad.  I am usually the one getting away from it all but this time Goobers gets to go.  She was so excited as well.  I know that they will have a wonderful time while still representing J's business in an appropriate manner. 

It is always hard to for me to send a child off, it is a little easier knowing her dad will be there to take good care of her. 

I  hear that they have landed and are going to tour their resort.  Please do not send them a text or a phone call, as each one will cost them extra money.  God Bless them and keep them safe over the next 4 days and nights.  I also ask that God watch over the family back at home.  We are looking forward to a very quiet few days.  Now only if the babies would settle down so mom could rest! 

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  1. What a special time for Goobers and her dad!!! She'll remember it forever! Prayers for safe travel!


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